Five Great Reads
Data Discovery and Legal Discovery
March 2020
Five Great Reads is a selection of five (or more) articles and article extracts published on the ComplexDiscovery blog and shared regularly to inform and update legal, information technology, and business professionals on the art and science of data discovery1and legal discovery2.
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Top Five Reads
eDiscovery Business Continuity: Considerations for Remote Work (W. Arruda, C.W. Yost, Zapier, HaystackID, ComplexDiscovery)
How Many Second Requests? Adding Context to eDiscovery Provider Claims of Experience and Expertise (ComplexDiscovery)
Ransomware, Ryuk, and Risk: Beginning to Understand the Epic Attack on Epiq (USG, G. Nicolao, L. Martins, S. Oza, L. Abrams)
Enabling Remote eDiscovery? A Snapshot of DaaS (ComplexDiscovery)
COVIDancellations? A Running Listing of eDiscovery Event Updates (ComplexDiscovery)
A Brave Blast into the Past? Privacy Browser Integrates Wayback Machine (A. Heinzman, J. Porter, K. McCarthy, M. Graham)
Beyond the Baby? A Vision for Next-Generation Government Technology (Kristo Vaher)
A Model for Interoperability? Open Cybersecurity Alliance Unveils First Open Source Language to Connect Security Tools
Remote Possibilities? Social Distancing and the Magnification of Marketing (ComplexDiscovery)
Excellence, Trust, and Artificial Intelligence: A European Approach (European Commission)
The Short List: An Abridged eDiscovery Directory
[Legal Education Webcast] The Accelerating Acceptance and Necessity for Remote Collections and Reviews
From Alexa to iTunes: Audio Updates on eDiscovery
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Data Discovery is the exploration of patterns and trends within unstructured data with the objective of uncovering insight and driving action.
Electronic Discovery (Legal Discovery) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, searching, reviewing and producing electronically stored information that may be relevant to a civil, criminal, or regulatory matter.
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