Win the G.I. Joe covers that got "ComicsGate" so flustered!

The coordinated harassment campaign known as "ComicsGate" has targeted me for months for being a leftist writing G.I. Joe (get up to speed here). While they got peeved about my politics, the use of lasers instead of bullets, and the general sense of inclusion we brought to the book, what really got them upset were a couple of covers.

The first, by series artist Giannis Milonogiannis, featured our new Salvo, which the "ComicsGate" crowd hated because she happened to be a woman of color who wasn't built like a fitness model. The second, by Ed Luce of Wuvable Oaf fame, was reviled by the same group of folks for being too gay.

Now you can get your hands on both of these rare variants! It's your chance to further anger these easily flustered, reactionary folks and their delicate sensibilities! And it's as simple as signing up to my newsletter, which never goes out more than once a month! It's the perfect way to keep up with me and my work while avoiding the toxicity of social media.

Once we hit 1,000 subscribers, one person will be randomly selected to receive both comics! I'll even sign them if you want!